What is bone broth?

An age-old practice, bone broth has gained popularity in recent years — and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The practice of utilizing bone broth for health and nutrition dates back thousands of years. For hunter-gatherer societies, it was vital to make use of every inch of their hard-fought meals. Rather than toss out the scraps of hunted animals after the meat had been consumed, prehistoric cultures throughout history ingeniously realized the health benefits didn’t stop after the main course and have incorporated nourishing bone broth into their diets.

While regular broth or stock is made with animal meat, bone broth specifically uses bones and tissues from the animal (most commonly beef or chicken).

How is bone broth made?

The process of making bone broth is more simple than you might expect: simmer the animal bones and tissues in water for 24 hours, allowing healthful vitamins and minerals to release and seep into the brew.

With some basic chemistry and biology at work, as the bones simmer, their healthy properties infuse into the water and become a form easy for your body to absorb. The nutritious broth can be sipped by itself or used in soups, sauces, gravies, and other recipes.

Today’s bone broth drinkers benefit from thousands of years of development in the preparation of broth. There’s no lack of taste options! Popular flavour enhancements and nutrient boosts in bone broth include organic vegetables — such as celery, onion, and carrots — as well as home-garden herbs and spices like parsley and thyme.

Is bone broth good for you? | Is bone broth healty?

Today, it can be difficult to receive our daily recommended nutrients for optimal health. That’s where bone broth comes in.

Animal bones are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals. Sound familiar? Those are the same minerals needed for human bone development! Animal connective tissues — think cartilage, ligaments, and fat — are likewise loaded with healthy building blocks known to support human joint health.

Bone, connective tissue, and marrow also contain the most abundant and essential protein in your body: collagen. When cooked, collagen protein turns into gelatin creating amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Collagen plays a major role in maintaining healthy bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Regular bone broth vs. powder bone broth

Both liquid and powdered versions contain the minerals and amino acids that make bone broth so healthful.

The difference is that powdered bone broth has been dehydrated from its liquid form and will need to be rehydrated to consume. While the powder version is certainly convenient, the process of dehydrating and condensing the broth can cause loss of nutrients

As the real food revolution has taught us: ingredients matter. You’ll get the most nutritional punch and delicious taste from bone broth in its natural liquid form made with high quality ingredients, from the animal to organic vegetables and herbs.

Does bone broth break fast?

Is bone broth suitable for various dietary restrictions and lifestyles? In particular, many people want to know if bone broth breaks intermittent fasting.

Strict adherence to fasting protocols would not permit consumption of bone broth. Calories from any source do break the fasting period.

However, when it’s time to end your fast, we know that the ideal way is to ease from your fasting window slowly and with healthy foods. Bone broth is easily digestible and will help replenish your body post-fast with nutrients and electrolytes.

Why broya

Though it’s been around thousands of years, bone broth is as relevant as ever, thanks to its significant health benefits.

You can feel great about drinking Broya bone broth because we take our stewardship of the Earths’ resources seriously. We are hyper-intentional about creating our products. From start to finish, Broya’s high-quality broths are made from grass-fed, happily raised animals from local farms.

Our relationship with the natural world does look drastically different than our prehistoric ancestors. Broya makes it easy to honour the land, while responsibility benefitting from its bounty. You shouldn’t have to compromise between supporting local farmers, happy animals, and your own health. Feel good about what you’re putting into your body, and where it came from. Take home Broya bone broth today.