Broya bone broths are made with organic and 100% grass fed bones. Our chicken bone broths are certified organic and made with organic bones, vegetables, spices, and apple cider vinegar. Our beef bone broths are made with 100% grass fed bones and organic vegetables, spices, and apple cider vinegar.
There are many differences between a regular stock and Broya's bone broth. You can find a more detailed article by scrolling down at the footer of the page and clicking on Stock vs. Broth, but we'll name some major differences:

1. Cooking time: Broya bone broth is cooked for a much longer period of time than stocks or broths to ensure that all the nutrients including the collagen protein and all those other amazing minerals and nutrients are extracted from the bones. We cook our bones for 24 hours, where regular stocks are only cooked anywhere between 1 to 2 hours.

2. Bone quantity: the bone-to-water ratio in Broya bone broth is a much higher ratio than you would find in any stock, which again, allows for the broth to extract more nutrients, including collagen protein and more flavour.

3. Bone quality: most stocks you'll find on the shelf aren't made with high-quality bones. In fact, some of them may not be using bones. Instead, they use a meat concentrate that is made from low-quality meat scraps and gets diluted. When you use meat instead of bones, you don't get any of the collagen protein, which is the main nutrient we want in our bone broth.

4. Flavour: because stocks are made with fewer bones than bone broth and are cooked for such a short period of time, the flavour gets sacrificed and ends up tasting diluted and bland. Broya bone broths have a unique flavour, designed to provide you with the convenience of drinking it on-the-go without needing to add anything to it. If you've tried other broths or stocks before, you'll immediately notice our signature flavouring.
The main difference between stock and Broya bone broth is the cooking process. We use real, high quality bones and a much higher ratio of bones-to-water than you'd see in a typical stock. Broya bone broth is also cooked for a much longer duration than stock, which is typically cooked for only a couple of hours. We begin our cooking process early in the morning and let the bones simmer over night for 24 hours. This brings out all the great nutrients including collagen protein. The long cooking time also bring out all the deliciousness to add to the flavour of the final product.
The most important ingredient in bone broth are the bones, obviously! That’s why at Broya we source the best quality bones that we can get here in Canada. Our beef and chicken bones are sourced from organic Canadian farms.

All of the farms we work with have a longstanding reputation for producing some of the best quality meats Canada has to offer.
Broya bone broth is shelf stable for 12 months when unopened from the date of production. Once you open the package, the broth should be refrigerated and will be good for 7 days.
Nope! As mentioned above, Broya bone broth is shelf stable and will be delivered ready to consume.
Broths that you find on the shelf in grocery stores are much cheaper than Broya bone broths because they use fewer bones in their recipes and cook them for a shorter period of time. All of this ultimately leads to a more diluted broth, which contains less nutritional content than a Broya bone broth. Sometimes, broths that you find in grocery stores don’t even contain bones in them at all, so they wouldn’t even be considered true broths. Store bought broths also do not have much of a flavour to them. Also, many store bought broths do not use organic ingredients, which makes them a lot cheaper.
Our bone broth is 100% natural flavour free - what you see on the ingredient list is what you get!
Our certified organic chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics on family-run farms in barns that are open to sunlight and fresh air. They’re free to roam on pastures, they get plenty of sleep, and have enough space to undertake natural behaviours like duck bathing.

With that said, chickens can't eat 100% grass as that would not be a healthy and natural diet for them - we work with 100% organic farmers who feed them a mix of non-GMO organic grains like corn, wheat, and soy. These grains have never been treated with chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides and never have added animal by-products to the feed. Like all poultry in Canada, our chickens are never given hormones. Their diet is a mix of the feed, grass, insects etc.
We source our beef bones from farms that raise their cattle on pastures meaning they eat grass for 100% of their life. They are never injected with antibiotics, added hormones or steroids, ever.
We aren't halal, however, we can guarantee that our meat is the best quality meat that you can find anywhere in the world.
The taste can vary depending on the brand and flavour, but typically, the conventional stocks/broth don't taste as rich as organic, long-simmered bone broth like Broya because they lack collagen protein and are more watery.

Conventional stocks/broths only cook their bone broth for about 1-2 hours using a concentrate, while we make our bone broth in small batches, simmering for 24 hours to ensure all the important proteins and nutrients are extracted.

On top of that, we add anti-inflammatory foods and spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, black pepper, and more so that it not only tastes delicious, but actively helps your gut, joints, and brain to feel good!


The consumption of our bone broth varies, depending on what our customers are trying to achieve. If you're trying to support certain autoimmune issues with bone broth, you may want to have multiple servings per day, but it's best to ask your healthcare practitioner about that. If you're drinking bone broth for general health, anywhere from 1 cup per day to a few cups each week is a great place to start.

We typically recommend experimenting with consumption and your body will provide you with some answers. We also recommend asking a medical professional like a Naturopath for their expert opinion if you have specific health goals or issues.
Each pouch has between 300-350mg of sodium per serving (1 serving = 1 cup). The sodium measured is from high-grade sea salt, so we consider it to be a valuable source of electrolytes that our bodies can really benefit from when getting the proper hydration. Sodium is an essential nutrient for our cells to function but this isn't medical advice and if you are on a specific low sodium diet as recommended by a health professional, then please follow your health professional’s advice first.

However, we’ve got some exciting news: we’re in the process of adding a lower sodium option and it’ll be ready later this year!
As of right now we don’t have any plain-flavoured broth. But we’ll be coming out with a couple of plain flavours later in 2021 so make sure you sign up to our email list to find out when that’s coming!
We use a small amount of onion and garlic to add flavour to our broths, but it's all drained out when we strain the broth after the cook. If you have a high intolerance to onion and garlic, then we recommend speaking with a healthcare professional before trying our broths.


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This will be different for everyone, however, a good place to start would be one cup a day and see how you feel. Instead of adding small portions to recipes, which is still a great idea, we think consuming it like a tea, as a meal replacement, or as a starter to a meal is the best way to reap all the health benefits bone broth has to offer! However, if you have a specific health condition, it would be best to consult with a health professional.
Nope! Our bone broth has been cooked and packaged so that you don’t have to do anything to it. You can enjoy it by warming it up, or as is cold. Some people like drinking it right out of the bottle as it gets you a quick source of protein and nutrients without the hassle of any preparation!
We love adding coconut oil and grass fed butter to our bone broth. The extra high quality fats gives the broth an incredible layer of texture and deliciousness!


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