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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ingredients organic?

Every ingredient we use from the bones, to the vegetables and spices, are of the highest quality. All vegetables and spices are certified organic. We also use himalayan sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar, and non-GMO citric acid.  

What’s the difference between bone broth and regular stock or broth?

There are many differences between a regular stock and Broya's bone broth so we'll name them all here:

1. Cooking time: our bone broth is cooked for a much longer period of time than stocks or broths to ensure that all the nutrients including the collagen protein and all those other amazing minerals and nutrients are extracted from the bones. We cook our bones for up to 24 hours, where regular stocks are only cooked anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. 

2. Bone quantity: the bone-to-water ratio in our bone broth is a much higher ratio than you would find in any stock, which again, allows for the broth to extract more nutrients and more overall goodness for you. 

3. Bone quality: most stocks you'll find on the shelf aren't made with high-quality bones. In fact, few of them actually use real bones and some just use chicken scraps consisting of low-quality meat, which is exactly what we don't want in our bone broth because although meat protein can be good for you, we are looking collagen protein in bone broth.  

4. Flavour: because stocks are made with fewer bones than bone broth and are cooked for such a short period of time, the flavour gets sacrificed and ends up tasting very diluted. Our bone broths have a unique flavour, designed to provide you with the convenience of drinking it on-the-go without needing to add anything to it. If you've tried other broths or stocks before, you'll immediately notice our signature flavouring. 

How do you cook your broth?

The main difference between stock and bone broth is the cooking process. We use real, high quality bones and a much higher ratio of bones-to-water than you'd see in a typical stock. Bone broth is also cooked for a much longer duration than stock, which is typically cooked for only a few hours. We begin our cooking process in the day time and let the bones simmer over night for up to 24 hours. This brings out all the important nutrients including collagen protein, micronutrients, and minerals that are so critical for the health of our bodies. The long cooking time also bring out all the deliciousness to add to the flavour of the final product. 

Where do you get your bones from?

The most important ingredient in bone broth are the bones, obviously! That’s why we source the best quality bones that we can get here in Canada. Our beef bones come from Rowe Farms who supplies us with antibiotic and hormone free beef bones. Our chicken bones have come from Yorkshire Valley Farms and DeBoers Farms. Both farms are Ontario-based and have pasture-raised, free-run, certified organic chickens. 

All of these farms have a longstanding reputation for producing some of the best quality meats Canada has to offer.  

How long does the broth last?

We’ve worked with one of the best food labs in Canada to ensure that we get a bone broth that is shelf stable while maintaining the great taste and health benefits. Our bone broth lasts 9 months when unopened. Once you open the jar, the broth will be good for 7 days and kept refrigerated.

Is the broth delivered frozen?

Nope! As mentioned above, our bone broth is shelf stable and will be delivered fresh right to your door!

How much bone broth should I consume?

This will be different for everyone, however, a good place to start would be one cup a day and see how you feel. Our bottles are 295 ml, which amounts to 1 hearty serving. Instead of adding small portions to recipes, which is still a great idea, we think consuming it like a tea, as a meal replacement, or as a starter to a meal is the best way to reap all the health benefits bone broth has to offer!


Do you have to dilute this product? 

Nope! Our bone broth has been cooked and packaged so that you don’t have to do anything to it. You can enjoy it by warming it up, or as is cold. Some people like drinking it right out of the bottle as it gets you a quick source of protein and nutrients without the hassle of any preparation! 

What else can I add to the product?

We love adding coconut oil and grass fed butter to our bone broth. The extra high quality fats gives the broth an incredible layer of texture and deliciousness! We also really like adding green onions and chilli flakes. 

If you have any other questions, please send us a message through our contact page. 

Enjoy your bone broth :-)

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