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Our Story

Tim & Broya Living

Like many innovative success stories, the story of Broya began from an equal mix of passion and accidental luck (or, perhaps, was it providence?). In the spring of 2013, Tim began purchasing food in greater and greater quantities to ensure he would have high quality meat throughout the year. On a sunny June day he met with Aaron, a local farmer, to make the biggest food purchase of his life.

“100 pounds of grass fed meat, please! ”

Aaron responded “Great. Do you want the bones as well?”

“Bones?!…What am I going to do with bones?”

And it was from there that the seed of Broya began to bloom. Tim learned that bones are one of the most nutritious parts of the animal. When these nutrient dense bones are simmered in water, what’s left is a delicious, savoury, and nutritious broth.

So he took Aaron up on his offer, and started to make broth himself. After consuming broth for one week, he noticed some interesting changes; digestion improved, and energy remained stable throughout the day. Overjoyed, bone broth became part of Tim's morning ritual. 

Tim continued to dive deeper into bones, health, and nutrition and learned that ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, Eastern Europeans and many others, have been using bone broth as a healing tonic and digestive support for thousands of years! Our history reveals that human beings understood and relied on Earth’s natural gifts to heal and bolster human health. Why have these traditions seemingly disappeared?

The challenges of allopathic medicinal practices are many. Too often, we are prescribed pills with harmful side effects that address symptoms but not the source of the disease. Allopathic medicine is also reactive, only providing semi-effective solutions once an individual is ill. On the other hand, many traditional healing food recipes address the source of disease, and provide continual support to our bodies to prevent disease.

It dawned on him: it is time to revive nature’s best-kept secrets, and bring them forward in a way that is attuned to modern ways of living. Bones are just the beginning. Broya’s mission is to revive and deliver ancient healing food traditions remedies in lively and accessible ways. By doing so, we not only enhance our own health; we reconnect to our roots.

And that's when Broya was born! 

We are so excited to have you share in our journey with us. Come join us, and become part of the growing community that values reviving tradition, holistic health, and sustainable food. Together, we are a force of inspired humans bent on forging a healthier future for people and planet.

Golden21 Brith Guide

The Golden 21 PDF Guide Includes:

  • 7 Delicious Bone Broth Recipes
  • 7 Ingredients to Enhance Your Broth
  • 7 Ways to Enjoy Broth Everyday
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