Bone broth for gut and mental health benefits

Unlocking Gut and Mental Health Benefits: The Power of Bone Broth

Ever wonder why bone broth is exactly what the doctor prescribes when you’re battling a pesky cold? We’ve all been there— nose running, head pounding, energy at an all-time low. Then, somewhere bundled up in blankets, you start sipping on a hot cup of bone broth soup. Suddenly your energy levels rise, your head feels clearer, and you slowly start feeling like yourself again. 

Bone broth is the ultimate multivitamin that’s been around for thousands of years. But we’re only scratching the surface when we use it exclusively for a cold or flu. Imagine how much it can help heal other parts of your body—like your gut or mental well-being? 

Want to uncover a simple and economical way of restoring vitality to your life? From rebalancing your gut, curing digestion sensitivities, boosting your mood, and improving cognitive function, learn the not-so-secret reason why so many love their bone broth and how Broya can help you thrive at your best. 

So What is Bone Broth? 

Bone broth has been a staple in many cultures for dozens of centuries because it’s packed with nutrients, easily digestible, and boasts numerous healing benefits. Oh, and did we mention it's delicious? Let alone, gobsmacked with flavour. Although there are countless ways to flavour bone broth, the process of creating bone broth hasn’t changed over the years. 

They say patience is a virtue and it’s no different when it comes to making this gut healing superfood. The bones and tissue are slowly simmered in water for many hours. This makes sure every bit of nutritional and healing compound is extracted. Not a single vitamin or mineral is wasted so that you can soak up all the healing compounds it boasts to heal your body from the inside out.

Understanding Gut Health

You’ve probably walked into any health food store and have heard the phrase gut health thrown around. It seems to be touted on every fermented drink, food, and packaging. But what is it? And how do you know if your unhealthy gut is preventing you from thriving at your best? 

So what is gut health and why should you care? In simplest terms, the thousands of microbes that live in your gut aid your digestion, protect your intestines, influence your immune system, and are responsible for absorbing the essential nutrients to keep your body functioning and thriving.

The health of your gut is affected by more than just an unhealthy diet. Stress, antibiotics, and poor sleep can play a large part but the main tyrant of these is usually, you guessed it, your diet. Incorporating gut-friendly foods into your diet will help improve your body from the inside out, both mentally and physically.

Your Gut Health and Mental Well-being Are Connected

So by now, you might already know your gut largely influences your immune system but did you know your mental well-being is also reliant on a healthy gut? That means your mood, how you think, and your mental health can all be influenced by what’s happening in your gut. 

Like peanut butter and jelly, the gut and brain complement each other. 

More than that, the gut and brain are basically connected like a two-way street, in constant communication. This connection isn’t just physical, it involves your hormones, metabolism, and even your immune system. 

Benefits of Bone Broth on Your Gut and Mental Health

Now that we covered how your gut and mental health are connected, the good news is there is so much you can do to aid a healthy gut which will then support a healthy mind. Bone broth might be the superfood your body has been missing. 

The gelatin found in bone broth can help protect and heal the lining of the digestive tract which improves gut integrity. 

Then the amino acids and collagen in the bone broth get to work and help repair the intestinal barrier. Which means it can help reduce your symptoms of digestive issues like leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. 

Feeling anxious or stressed? Well thanks to the amino acids in your bone broth, they can have anti-anxiety and calming effects on the brain. Thank you glycine! So maybe instead of that glass of wine in the bathtub after a stressful day with the kids, try relaxing with a hot cup of bone broth and feel the stress melt away and your mood lifted. What can’t bone broth do!

That same collagen and glycine in your favorite cup of bone broth also support your cognitive function and mental clarity. Essentially, it’s giving your brain the food it needs to function at its best. Try sipping on a cup of bone broth next time you're at your desk for the jumpstart your brain needs. 

Tips for Incorporating Bone Broth into Your Daily Routine

Bone broth is the ultimate multivitamin you didn’t know you needed. But it’s also an easy addition to your daily diet. Remember running to your parents for the Flintstones vitamin gummy when you were a kid? When you discover the delicious flavours at Broya you’ll be running to the cupboard with the same enthusiasm to get your bone broth fixing. 

The simplest and easily one of the most delicious ways to add bone broth to your diet is simply sipping on it like you would a cup of tea or soup. That’s it, easy enough right?

But if it’s versatility you’re after, try adding it as a base for a soup or stew, make sauces or gravies for dishes like roasted meats and vegetables, or even add it to juices and smoothies. How about using it as a marinade or brine for your favorite meat, poultry, or fish to give it a nice tenderization and infuse it with a melt-in-your-mouth flavour? The list goes on because the versatility of bone broth makes it easy to include it in a wide range of recipes and dishes. Meaning an easy (and delicious) addition to your everyday life.

But whatever way you choose to enjoy your bone broth, your gut and mental well-being will thank you.

Cheers to Wellness

Bone broth isn’t just a trend and it’s not something new. With the numerous health benefits and bone broth’s role in promoting gut health and mental well-being, it’s no wonder so many people credit it for improving their lives. Incorporating bone broth into your daily or weekly routine is a breeze when you find a flavourful match. So what are you waiting for? Let your wellness journey begin with a comforting cup of Broya bone broth and start living your best life today. 




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