FIVE Bone Broth Benefits That Will Give You the Leg Up

FIVE Bone Broth Benefits That Will Give You the Leg Up


Word on the street is that bone broth is pretty darn good for you. As producers (and big fans) of bone broth, we would have to agree with that. A warm cuppa broth boasts a whole slew of health-enhancing properties. Honestly, we’d love to tell you about all of them. We’re assuming, however, that you don’t have all day. So, we’ll keep this short and narrow things down to *five* key health benefits that will help to support your general wellbeing and give you the strength and energy to thrive in your busy life. Drum roll, please.

Bone Broth Heals Your Gut & Aids Digestion

You probably already knew this one, but we’ll tell you a bit more anyways. Bone broth is your gut’s new best friend. It contains amino acids that are extremely helpful for digestion and can help to ease common digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, and gas.

Bone broth goes beyond just supporting digestion, however. It also has properties that help to actively heal an inflamed and unruly gut. In particular, glutamine (one of the key amino acids found in bone broth) helps to heal inflammation within the intestinal barrier. Bone broth can be extremely beneficial for those struggling with leaky gut and other inflammatory bowel conditions. A happy gut is a happy life, and bone broth is here to help

Bone Broth Supports Weight Loss

Bone broth supports weight loss in a way that is healthy and productive. Yoyo and fad diets... be gone! When you go on a diet, it’s vital not to starve your body of essential nutrients. That’s where bone broth comes in. Bone broth is nutrient dense, containing numerous essential and non- essential amino acids, collagen, gelatin and nutrients that support brain health, gut health and immunity. So, in other words, it will provide your body with much of its needed nutritional intake, in the place of a regular diet.

There are many ways to use bone broth to lose weight. You could go on a bone broth fast, or do intermittent fasting (combining your usual diet with intermittent time periods of drinking bone broth and bone broth alone). There’s no “one size fits” solution when it comes to incorporating bone broth into your weight loss regimen, but many success stories have emerged of people using it to lose that weight that they’ve been unable to shake through other approaches.

Bone Broth Is the Best Way to Intake Collagen Protein

What is collagen protein, you ask? Most basically, it’s an essential protein found within human and animal connective tissues. It is the most abundant protein found in our bodies and supports the structure (and therefore function) of our bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, hair, nails and skin. In other words, it’s pretty darn important.

Collagen is widely marketed in a number of forms throughout the wellness, fitness, and beauty industries. You can find it in everything from supplements to skin creams. Bone broth, however, is truly one of the most natural ways to intake this incredible protein, because it comes directly from the source. It also provides a nutritional boost from the inside and therefore serves to more effectively strengthen and maintain numerous key parts of our bodies all at once.

Bone Broth Aids in Injury Recovery

Have an injury and looking to add some recovery- promoting foods to your diet? Introducing bone broth! Bone broth can aid significantly with injury recovery. Bone broth contains gelatin, and gelatin, in turn, contains glycine. Glycine is a simple naturally occurring amino acid which speeds wound healing and promotes recovery. Bone broth is also rich in proline, another amino acid, which helps to build muscle, repair tissue, and decrease inflammation.

Furthermore, bone broth contains some natural pain relievers, because it is jam-packed with nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin which can help to alleviate pain in stiff joints. What we mean to say is that bone broth has got your back (or your leg, or knee, or arm… you know, whichever part of you needs the help!)

Bone Broth Is a Great Sleep Aid

We bet you never thought of bone broth as a sleep aid! Well, guess what…. it can definitely help. Bone broth is chock full of gelatin, and gelatin can help to induce sleep because it contains glycine, as mentioned above. Glycine not only helps with wound recovery, but it interacts with brain neurotransmitters and actually assists in “calming down the brain” and therefore, helping you to turn off for the night. Cool, right? So, next time you’re settling down with that warm cup of sleepy time tea, consider sipping your good old friend bone broth instead!


These are just five of the many ways that bone broth can enhance your health and livelihood. This golden elixir is chock full of nutrients that can support almost every part of your body, in some capacity or another. Interested in taking a deeper dive into the world of bone broth and its many offerings? Check out our “Definitive Guide to Bone Broth” here. How do you integrate bone broth into your healthy lifestyle? Drop us a line and tell us how bone broth has helped you!



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