Chuck Norris & Bone Broth

7 Reasons Why Chuck Norris Drinks Bone Broth

Bone broth is an incredibly dense source of nutrients and minerals. Steeped for 18-24 hours, bone broth is rich, savoury, and invigorating. High performers who demand the most from their bodies such as the famous Chuck Norris recognize the importance of staying healthy and well nourished with natural foods. There’s no doubt that Chuck’s power and vitality are maintained in part by his consumption of this age old elixir. He even took to the internet recently to write about some of the benefits and history of broth in the broad sense which can be found here. Below are seven reasons why Chuck chooses to Power Up with Bone Broth.

Chuck Norris and Bone Broth

(The Man and Legend. 75 Years Young)

7 Reasons why Chuck Norris Drinks Bone Broth:

  1. Martial arts training and filming Hollywood Movies are intense and demanding. The glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as Glucosamine that are found in broth help the body to recover and adapt to that intensity.
  2. Bone broth helps slow aging. It supplies nutrients for healthy skin, joints, and ligaments as well as reduces inflammation a.k.a. the silent killer thereby promoting youthful longevity.
  3. He recognizes that you can’t beat nature when it comes to nutrition and flavor. Whereas many stores and restaurants rely on bouillon cubes and MSG to flavor their foods and products, Chuck points out that these ingredients offer very little benefit and actually pose some health risks an example of which is how MSG over stimulates glutamate receptors in the brain potentially leading to cell death.
  4. He knows the value of inexpensive, natural, healing foods. Drinking broth is much more affordable than eating grass fed meat for the most part and according to Dr. Sarah Pope in her Real Food Summit presentation, consuming ample amounts of gelatin can reduce protein needs by up to 50%. This means less spending on meat and more money in your pocket.   
  5. He wants to look, feel and perform at his best. For someone with such a decorated track record of sports performance and Hollywood acting it’s clear that he is dedicated to excelling in whatever it is he does. In order to function optimally you need to reduce  Broth is perfect to grab and go when there’s not a minute to spare.
  6. It supports a healthy immune system by helping to heal the gut, providing vitamins and minerals and soothing inflammation. Given that roughly 80% of the immune system is located in the gut it is no wonder why Broth is great for boosting immunity and helping the body to recover from illness.
  7. It serves as a connection to traditional cultures and gourmet food. Chuck comments on the importance of broth as a foundational aspect of fine dining across the globe. This connection helps to preserve the values, flavors and experiences that have been passed down over generations. This is something which is much needed in a world full of commercialized, mass produced meals that are often eaten alone in front of a screen rather than shared with friends and family.

Chuck Norris is not the only who drinks bone broth, discover another celebrity that consumes bone broth regularly, and you actually might know her.

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